Arabia Mall

Project Name: Arabia Mall

Project Type: Retail

Location: Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

Project Area: 65,000 sqm

The Arabia Mall is a design targeted to accommodate 3 million shoppers each year, The Mall is a development of unique dominant scale structure and character. It houses a large indoor aquarium, features an all-weather shopping grove, indoor adventure park, and Olympic-sized ice skating rink. Coherence and hierarchy were critical to the mall’s planning. The mall is structured at the scale of a small village, and has a large iconic canopy covering an area of around 35,000sqm with internal pedestrian streets, Arabic open Courtyards, nodes and landmarks; way-finding and urban identifiers are integrated into the design and organised by wide, straight boulevards terminating at well-defined atria and connecting the many realms of shopping. Entrances perform as circulation focal points — the Media Entrance, the Grand Entrance, the Gold Pavilion and the Carnival Street Entrance. Shops are grouped into families to form islands of specialization, as five regions with distinct characters.

At smaller scales, architectural details provide a visual dynamism that extends though each of the mall’s spaces. These take cues from a spectrum of Arabic motifs and symbols — facade articulation patterns, skylight designs, and the fabricated patterns of interior finishes, for instance. Meanwhile, water features inject life into this desert city in the form of cascading falls and a public aquarium.

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