Garden Villa

Project Name: Garden Villa

Project Type : Residential

Location: Amman- Jordan

Site Area: 2002 sqm


Set in the countryside of the capital Amman, 2 semi-detached luxury residences. The project included underground parking, children play areas, 4 Living area, 2 dinning areas, Study and library, 7 Ensuite bedroom, 2 maids quarter, driver room

Total Villa area is around 1200sqm.



The main challenge was to create a luxury new residence in a well preserved and protected green built around the capital Amman, the sustainable, and architecturally dynamic building adhere to a strict master plan and building codes that mandated everything from window sizes to the requirement that living and dining rooms face south. The crux of the project was to find a design that was as rigorous as the rules yet achieved a playful formal quality. This difficult result was accomplished by a plan that comported with guidelines for overall heights and roof.