H.E Turki Residence

Project Name: H.E Turki Residence

Project Type : Residential Palace

Location:         Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

Site Area: 15,000 sqm



Organic forms of different volumes bring together three dwellings for members of a family into a residential complex that shares the ground and some spaces, the total BUA of the residence is around 8500sqm, the house is a present-day interpretation of a life associated with the country desert living . different types of facilities are provided from indoor private Cinema and swimming pools to luxury spa and Gym. Large Dinning space for 70 people to Grand Guest and Family Halls to accommodate around 200 guests.


The position chosen for the new construction, as well as providing privacy, favours shaded sun exposure, ventilation and views of the close desert dune mountains, obeying criteria of climatic adaptation that are present in local tradition.


Central theme in this concept is the quality of the in-between space. This in- between space, the void, offers strategic views in different directions, both vertical and horizontal, while preventing the villa for an over exposure to the sun. The concrete overhanging shells direct carefully the light deep into the house and at the same time the void functions as an effective tool for natural ventilation.

With the materialization of the villa we aim to make slight differences between the interior and the exterior. Both surfaces are clad with natural stone, softly polished to a satin shine, but merely different in colour. While he exterior glazed facades appear in a more sandy and dark colour, the interior is richer with worm colours and finishes.