Parametric Design

Rethinking Architecture Design and Process



To optimise the best precision design Solutions and most ecomoimical proposals to our client we use the state of the art parametric digital design tools.


The ground of parametric design is the generation of geometry from the definition of a family of initial parameters and the design of the formal relations they keep with each other. It is about the use of variables and algorithms to generate a hierarchy of mathematical and geometric relations that allow us to generate a certain design, but to explore the whole range of possible solutions that the variability of the initial parameters may allow.


Finally we are compensated in the effort of adding this layer of intelligence to our design with the reward of exploring the possibilities our parameters can bring us, and the possible surprise in the discovery of unimagined outcomes generated by our creation


The benefits of this process are immediate. It is a huge leap in the quality of our design process, since we are not bound by our tools anymore; now it will be us who design our own tools. On the other hand, parametric design is fundamental when minimizing the effort needed to create and test design variants. Generating an automated process eliminates tedious repetitive tasks, the need for complicated calculations on the fly, the possibility of human error, and generates huge shifts in the outcomes with slight variations of the original parameters.



Parametric Design